The CII Certification Courses for Quality Professional fulfill a much needed demand to impart practical and contemporary learning on the use of quality tools, approaches and techniques across organizational processes with special focus on product and realization processes. The end of course evaluation leading to the certification assures minimum understanding of concepts that enable the quality professional to diagnose quality problems, analyze available information and devise sound practical solutions.

These courses draw on the most relevant and in-use tools and methods being applied currently and are presented in a user-friendly e-learning environment which can be taken from the comfort of your office or home at a pace that is convenient to you.

CII Certified Quality Professional: Level A

This level enables the quality practitioner learn and use the essential quality control applications used at his workplace, that enhance systematic and logical analytical capability, building problem solving skills that lead to improved outgoing quality levels through improved control of the processes.

Level A Learning modules
  • Fundamentals of TQM ?Data Gathering & Data Analysis 
  • Mean & Dispersion
  • Graphic Tools
  • 7 QC Tools
  • Probability Theory
  • Statistical process control
    -SPC Concepts
    -Control Charts-Variable
    -Control Charts – Attributes
    -Process Capability & Process performance
  • MSA
  • Regression / Correlation
  • Problem Solving Approaches

While the course is designed on a self-learning basis, questions can be raised through on-line interactive forum

Course material & formats

The entire course is delivered on an easy to use low bandwidth e-learning platform in a fully autonomous environment. The following deliverables are used:

  • Animated presentations on each module with audio commentary
  • Off-line reading material on each module
  • 17 Excel based interactive templates for hands-on practicals*
  • Practical Exercises with solutions for all SQC modules*
  • Sample examination paper – online
  • Final examination paper (2 hours – online)

System requirements:
Windows / Mac OS,
MS EXCEL 2003 / 2010, 512 Kbps, Audio speaker / headphones

*Course take-away

Feedback from participants:
  • Excellent course material. The lecture sessions are very useful.
  • Lectures and templates are extra-ordinary
  • The content of the course with ready-made excel templates are very useful in practical implementation of the SQC techniques in industries.
  • Good coverage of fundamental concepts and SQC tools. Useful for all Quality personnel.

Course duration:  90 days from enrolment
Extension on request: 30 days

Course Fee : 10000  payable on-line or through Demand Draft in favour of ‘CII Institute of Quality’
Extension Fee :  2000


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