Our Services: Support to the Industry

We provide support to the Industry through a multi mode approach

In-house Counselling and Training

A proven model of combined Counselling and Training programme to provide knowledge and skill with appropriate sharing of examples.

Open Seminars & Workshops

Specific programmes are organized which would be useful to the Industry.

Companies nominate their personnel for these seminars and workshops.

Conferences – TPM National Conference

Carefully designed to share the best practices of different companies as adopted by them on a common platform – a chance to interact with companies who have achieved excellent results using TPM methodologies


To motivate and encourage the members of TPM Club India, Competitions are being organized to get maximum benefit.

Kaizen Competition - Best kaizens successfully implemented competes for the trophies under different categories.

TPM Circle Competition – Best circle activities are spread through this platform and the best ones take the trophy.

3M Competition – Best projects on Muda, Mura & Muri being presented nationally.

Poka Yoke Competition - Best ‘Mistake Proofing’ pretentions being presented..

Champions' Trophy – To find the Champions among all the winners from various Competitions.

Information exchange

Books - Based on the methodology of JIPM-TPM and the vast experience of our counselors; books relevant to the Industry are prepared and published from time to time.

Newsletters – to communicate to many people; newsletter are circulated

Website – our website www.tpmclubindia.org is used as a tool to communicate information on TPM to the industry.

Certification Courses

5 day In-depth TPM Facilitators course - To understand, assimilate and implement TPM inside any organization, calls for a firm comprehension of the principles and methods of the various pillar activities, by the secretariat, since it is they who have to ensure a structured way of TPM implementation. Depending upon the size of the organization, a minimum of two persons would be required to possess this knowledge, to deploy among the operating teams, middle and senior management alike.