Heartland Hunting Supplies was started at 3 am on a long drive back from a nite hunt. See page 25. /* Links 468x15 */ My only requirements are that the overall length be less than 35", less than 4 lbs, at least 5 shot capacity, either clip fed or something other than tube below the barrel fed, synthetic or similar stock for durability, should be able to take moderate abuse associated with coon hunting. If you have small hunting dogs you want to go for a kill shot (in the head). Hunting these animals can be somewhat tricky because they are cleverer than many people think and they will not give up without a fight. Quality … LUMENSHOOTER LS350 Predator Light Kit, Red Green White Amber Hunting Flashlight with Scope Rail Mount, Max. » Advertise He would take his hunting dogs out at night. Thanks to its excellent balance, the rifle guarantees rapid and intuitive aiming. » Home A good coyote gun can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and calibers. HELLO ALL, I recently got a Black and Tan Hound dog, (wife rescued). Indiana 2020-2021 HUNTING & TRAPPING SEASONS FURBEARERS HUNTING DATES TRAPPING DATES Red & Gray Fox Oct. 15, 2020-Feb. 28, 2021 Oct. 15, 2020-Jan. 31, 2021 To avoid this issue, experienced hunters recommend using those models of cartridges that do not burn up a large amount of powder. Free shipping on many items ... Red LED Flashlight Coyote Hog Varmint Predator Hunting QD Offest Gun Rail Mount. » Coon Hunting Gear » About Raccoons google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3692437701471541"; Rip 'n Stik Outdoors 335,755 views. Hunting » General Hunting Seasons. If you're hunting with hounds though I would use a.22 lr. //-->. WedPhoria | Alexandria DJ | Bloomington DJ | Brainerd Djs | MN Photo Booths | WedPros | Wedding Videos. With a decent weight of only 10 lbs and a 4+1 capacity, it is ideal for varmint hunting, including raccoon. But if you have strong hunting dogs or a large group of dogs you want to cause as little damage to the Raccoon as possible so the dogs can make the kill. The.22lr can work well on small coons down south but up north where they get fat the.22lr is an expert’s gun. The best guns for coon hunting are. 3 Orion H30 Green or Red Premium 273 Yards Predator Hog Varmint Hunting Flashlight Light Kit. The recommended raccoon hunting guns are the small caliber and long range models. The recoil of the gun should be as light as possible, as many of the shots will be made during a single day of hunting. Shooting a coon out of a tree, or shooting other varmints with a gun light can free up your hands from holding a light down the barrel of your gun. Many years ago I worked with a man who loved to hunt with "coon hounds." » Coon Hides and Skinning Orion Predator H30 Night Hunting Light Flashlight. A scope capable of adjusting the lens would be great as it can be used with more than one type of rifle. We were in southern California. The Orion H30 hunting light gives you the option of choosing either a green or a red light model. From the long list of available scopes, our visitors and reviewers have come up with a shortened version: Elite 4200, Weaver V-24 6-24x42, Bushnell 4200 Elite 8-32x44, Burris FFII 6.5-20x and the Weaver Grand Slam. The hunter will not need a very powerful gun, given the small size of the coon, but he will need maximum accuracy and a flat trajectory. They're a go-to for small game, but airguns also are great for larger critters, like raccoons. » Coon Photo Gallery, » Family Tradition Though it is difficult to see through the scope at night, a scope can come in handy for long distance shots and hard to reach areas. Raccoon hunting scopesshould be a top priority to experienced hunters, regardless the model of the rifle. Everyone came up with 2-3 examples of best coon hunting guns in their opinion, but all of them agreed that the Savage Varmint 12BVSS 22-250 has to be one of the best raccoon guns in the world. Still hunt. It may however take several shots to … Probably the most elegant rifle Mauser ever made, this model benefits from hand-engraved leaf arabesques that cover the action as well as the trigger guard. As you shop for the best coon hunting lights, you will certainly come across the Bright Eyes brand. » Coon Lights & Attire ... Red Green White Module Long Range Predator for Coon Coyote Varmint Hunting Light. » Hunting Transportaion Raccoon Hunting Guns. » Coon Hunting Safety Without this […] Guns & Shooting Raccoons Typically a 22 caliber pistol or rifle is sufficient for shooting Raccoon. google_ad_client = "pub-3692437701471541"; » Raccoon Trapping » Contact Us,