I’m so sorry to hear that. This crossbreed is sometimes also known as the Shep-a-Grey or the Shephound. My other dog is Fluffy. And she's quite fast, so Italian greyhound isn't that huge a surprise. australian shepherd greyhound mix will bark to warn you if they see or hear anything suspicious, and will defend their family and home with amazing ferocity. Get yours through Lancaster Puppies. When it comes to the weight of greyhound shepherd mix it is between (63-70) pounds of (male dog) and (60-64) pounds (female). This easy oven cooked recipe will have your family excited for dinner tonight! ... At the Shel. The Greyhound is known more for its speed and it’s popularity at various race tracks. Italian Greyhound is an alert, playful, and highly affectionate toy companion. see link to photos below. It is a cross between the Greyhound and the German Shepherd .The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Check out the selection of (mostly) dog-related t-shirts, tote bags, and other fine products! It is impossible to know which traits the mixed pup will inherit from its father and which traits it will get from its mother. German Greyhound Shep; Greyhound Shep; Shep-a-Grey; Lurcher; Description. Compare German Shepherd and Greyhound and {name3}. Just like their parent breed, such a mix gives a medium to large size dog. Whippet Greyhound Mix History. Oct 19, 2020 - ITALIAN GREYHOUND AND JUST CUTE DOGS!!! These baby blues belong to a phenomenal example of a cross between a Greyhound and a Husky. He’s a mix of Chihuahua, Dachshund, Jack Russell Terrier, and Border Collie! When I lived in Hawaii, I had a Pit Bull named Hoku and a Jack Russell mix named Baby. Wow. ), aloe vera gel (1 tbsp. While the greyhound breed was bred to be a hunter, the German shepherd … She’s an Australian Shepherd. This gal is just about as mongrel as they come. The German Shepherd Greyhound Mix is a mixed Dog Breed between the German Shepherd and the Greyhound. If you are unable to find your Italian Greyhound puppy in our Puppy for Sale or Dog for Sale sections, please consider looking thru thousands of Italian Greyhound Dogs for Adoption. . | Italian greyhound german shepherd mix Dogs, breeds and everything about our best friends. Greyhound German Shepherd Mix From Jelani: This is Junji. While the greyhound type was reproduced to be a seeker, the German shepherd … PuppyFinder.com is your source for finding an ideal Italian Greyhound Puppy for Sale near Cleveland, Ohio, ... German Shepherd Dog / Mixed (medium coat). Jeanie. This gal is just about as mongrel as they come. Ticks in your garden and around your home can be a nuisance. Just like the parent breeds, they are medium to large-size dogs that come in a variety of colors. Breeding of these two breeds helps bring the best qualities of the whippet while toning down the undesired qualities of the German Shepherd. And she’s one heck of an awesome dog. blog.oregonlive 12. There are exceptions to every rule but 99% of the time a dog that is all German Shepherd and Greyhound would be much more of a playful and rowdy dog … See more ideas about Italian greyhound, Greyhound, Italian greyhound rescue. It is a mix of Greyhound and German Shepherd, which makes a very lovely combination. The Greyhound Shepherd is not a purebred dog. Meet Giovanni! I cannot tell you how excited I a... You don't need a slow cooker or a crockpot for Roast Beef Perfection. Wow. Which is better: German Shepherd or Greyhound Well, you can certainly see the German shepherd. Natural Tick Repellent That Really Works! And she’s one heck of an awesome dog. A blog about San Francisco's canine inhabitants, with occasional digressions. All hybrid or designer dogs are tough to get a good read on as there isn’t much history to them. Get a spray bottle and mix all these ingredients and then spray on clothing and skin. Although australian shepherd greyhound mix have a reputation for needing a wide open space, they get along very … See more ideas about Cute dogs, Italian greyhound, Greyhound. The Italian Greyhound sometimes called the Italian … Merging the DNA of the Greyhound and German Shepherd certainly gives some pretty amazing results! Italian Greyhound Black Lab Mix. Mixed breeds do not produce puppies of any reliable appearance. (We didn’t guess at her ancestry: his guardian told me they had had her genetically tested, and ‘German shepherd/Italian greyhound/shar-pei/Yorkshire terrier’ was the result. Mea culpa, as usual.]. He definitely takes after the Italian Greyhound side. 10. Recipe - 2 vegetable oil (2 tbsp. It is also widely known as Shep-a-Grey or even Shephound. Sunday Switchup: Black-Crowned Night-Heron? German Shepherd Dog-Unknown Mix. Thank you so much for featuring her! She bit everyone she met and we nearly got sued. Their short, glossy coat is easy to care for and only requires an occasional wiping-down with a soft cloth. … This means that you never know what kind of dog you’re going to get when you get a mix like this one. USA Rustburg, VA, US. Italian Greyhound puppies for sale. Female, Adult. Other Names. The German Shepherd Greyhound mix is a stunning breed in terms of appearance and traits that it inherits from both. A Whippet German Shepherd mix is a blend between the courageous German Shepherd and the gentle Whippet dog. When you get a designer dog like this one, you get traits from both of the parents. Help support our blog! Breeding specific dogs like this has become common in the last twenty years or so even though I am sure that this mixed breed found it’s share … The result is an affectionate family dog with great guard dog … He will just love the attention that I am sure you will give him. Posted Breed: Basset Hound / Mixed (medium coat). The German Shepherd Greyhound mix is just what it sounds like. He's outgrown his naughty puppy antics, and is probably the best dog I could have asked for. Tick Repellent for Humans Recipe - 1 white vinegar (2 cups), water (1 cup) and Eucalyptus, peppermint or citrus oils (20 drops). A Greyhound shepherd is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Greyhound. Half German Shepherd, and various amounts of the others, I think.) These are two very unique breeds. Lab mix greyador ultimate guide italian greyhound black lab mix greyhound labrador mix 3 reasons to italian greyhound black lab mix italian greyhound lab mix pets greyhound labrador mix 3 reasons to greyhound labrador mix 3 reasons to. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Wow! I’m actually Uni and “he” is a “she”.. lol.. shopforyourcause 11. Get one today. Both the parents of this cross-breed have dynamic looks and carry a muscular body. Both are very strong and powerful in their own right. I also have a Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd mix named Mindy. Here, the coat type your mix puppy might inherit could be drastically different, an important consideration if you are sensitive to dander from shed dog hair. Every German Shepherd Greyhound mix will be different. Italian greyhound rescue northwest home facebook italian greyhound chihuahua mix adoption goldenacresdogs italian greyhound chihuahua mix adoption goldenacresdogs alliance ne italian greyhound meet puppies a pet for adoption three puppies to adopt now in oakland cbs san francisco agua dulce ca italian greyhound meet brandee a pet for adoption agua dulce ca italian greyhound … Both German shepherds and Greyhounds are large dogs, and so is the Greyhound Shepherd. Required fields are marked *. Home It is a mix between a German shepherd and a greyhound. Your email address will not be published. Dog of the Day: Moll the German Shepherd/Finnish Spitz(?) , I had a male dog and he looked like yours I was not sure of his breed thanks He came up missing when I was in L A miss him . The German Shepherd Greyhound mix is a stunning breed in regards to appearance and attributes that it inherits from both. (We didn’t guess at her ancestry: his guardian told me they had had her genetically tested, and ‘German shepherd/Italian greyhound/shar-pei/Yorkshire terrier’ was the result. It’s always tough losing a friend, and it can be even worse just having them vanish like that. Similar to the parent breeds, they are average to large-size dogs that are available in a range of colors. Coming home from a long day, Giovanni will be eagerly waiting to plant the sweetest puppy kisses on your face, while your The German Shepherd Greyhound Mix, also known as the Greyhound Shep or the German Greyhound Shep, is a cross between two strong and powerful breeds — the German Shepherd and the Greyhound. It turns out to be quite an athletic and powerfully built dog. The Italian Greyhound is a small breed of dog. She looks like a German Shepherd Mix with speedy of a Greyhound. [Edited to fix the gender. Both in appearance and in attitude. This is Baby Mona. Greyhound German Shepherd Hybrid Mix Dog Breed Guide Here is another mixed breed many people have always wanted to happen.… I think you might win the ‘all the dogs’ competition. Pinterest 13. Your email address will not be published. Find similarities and differences between German Shepherd vs Greyhound. So, when it comes to these greyhounds they are considered as the cheetahs this breed is very energetic. Mix. Selection of German Shepherd|Italian Greyhound|Cane Corso puppies needing good homes and surrounding areas to find your next furry pu I have a dog named Brownie. Browse thru Italian Greyhound Puppies for Sale near Miami, Florida, USA area listings on PuppyFinder.com to find your perfect puppy. He loves dashing across the room to snuggle up on your lap and being your shadow. List Of Greyhound Mix Breed Dogs #1 Bostalian – (Boston Terrier x Italian Greyhound mix) From: Imgur #2 Boston Iggy – (Boston Terrier x Greyhound mix) From: Imgur Related Read: 43+ Boston Terrier Mix Breed Dogs #3 Doberman Greyhound – (Doberman Pinscher x Greyhound mix) From: Imgur #4 Greyador – … 25 Greyhound Mix Breeds Dogs Read More » Learn more about Peaches today. We pair reputable breeders from PA, Ohio, and Indiana with people like you. Very friendly towards any and everyone unless you approach her in a threatening manner. Ticks can carry numerous harmful blood-borne diseases such as Lyme Disease and some diseases transferred from ticks can be deadly. Jul 17, 2013 - Explore ROMP Rescue's board "Italian Greyhound Mixes", followed by 874 people on Pinterest. Digger the Min Pin / Italian Greyhound mix at 10 months old—"Digger is basically all grown up. This guide explains how to get rid of as many... Adorable cats and dogs who really hate bath time (40 pics). I used to have a Bichon Frise named Coco, but we had to give her away. The German shepherd is a large dog with a strong skeleton and well-developed muscular physique. Australian Shepherd Greyhound Mix: Longevity & Health Issues Australian Shepherd Greyhound mix coat care, shedding, and grooming. This dog requires more calories than other dogs. Half German Shepherd, and various amounts of the others, I think.) The German Shepherd and Greyhound mix, also known as Shep-a-Grey or Shephound, is a crossbreed dog between the German Shepherd and Greyhound. Sep 30, 2012 - Meet Peaches, an adopted Italian Greyhound & German Shepherd Dog Mix Dog, from Paws Rescue in Swartz Creek, MI on Petfinder. Find German Shepherd|Italian Greyhound|Cane Corso Dogs & Puppies for sale in United States. Giovanni is a purebred AKC registered Italian Greyhound looking for his forever home! super cute but its to hard to explain. ), rose geranium essential oil (20 drops) and lavender essential oil (20 drops). Slim and muscular at eleven months she stands at the shoulder 28 inches. Curious George featured below is a Greyhound and Jack Russell mix.