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We are pleased to inform that CII Institute of Quality, TPM Club India is organizing 3 Day Workshop on RCM- Reliability Centered Maintenance during 13, 14 & 15 February 2019 at Sigma Electric Manufacturing Pvt Ltd, Pune.

Planned Maintenance (A salient Pillar of TPM ), could be explained as a specialized  activity  performed  by  the  Plant  Maintenance  team members,  which  principally  focuses  on  the  improvement  of  equipment  reliability  and  maintainability  by  restoration  and  sustenance  of  the  Optimal  conditions,  at  the  most  economic  cost.  With  the  rapid improvement of Equipment technologies,varieties and the number of physical assets,  higher  expectations  of  the  management  for  increased  asset  utilization   combined  with   several  internal  and  external  challenges,  Plant  maintenance  as  a niche  discipline  has  evolved  with  great  expertise  in  the  past  twenty  years. 

 In  this  operating  scenario,  the  demands  placed  on  the  maintenance  team  has also   increased  manifold  times  for  ensuring  smooth  functioning  of  the  Equipment / Machineries.  Newer  techniques,  tools  and  methodologies  need  to  be  integrated  along  with  the  daily   maintenance  practices. 

To cater  to  this  requirement ,  a  3 day  workshop  on  the  RCM  principles  and  its  application  has  been  planned,  exclusively  for  the  Maintenance  crew. 


 The  objectives  of  the workshop  are  to  enable  the  participants  to  :

  1. Understand different types of Failure Patterns and Maintenance types.
  2. Understand  various  aspects   of  Planned  Maintenance  activities ( A part of  TPM  implementation ) along  with  practical  insights  on  the  implementation  methods.
  3. Understand the framework of RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) principles.
  4. Integration of RCM, with the Planned Maintenance activities.
  5. Gain  practical  insights   on  the  application  of  RCM  as  a  tool  for  implementation.
  6. Method  of  conducting  a  FMECA  for  an  Equipment  or a  critical  machine.

RCM  as  a  tool  could  be  applied  for  any  critical  equipment  with  respect  to  Safety, Environment or from  the  Operational  point  of  view. 

The RCM  tool, as a failure management strategy,  could  also  be  perfectly   synchronized  with  the  currently  practiced  Planned  Maintenance  activities  of  a   JIPM  ~  TPM  practicing  company.  As  a  company  advances  in  implementation  of  TPM,   applying   RCM   principles  become   essential   for  understanding   and  application  of   the  proactive  maintenance  techniques. 

Following main topics would be dealt with in detail:

  1. Maintenance  categories                                       
  2. Machine  Structure  and Operating Contexts
  3. RCM  Principles
  4. Functions  based  approach
  5. Functions – Classifications  and  types
  6. Functional  failures, Failure Modes
  7. Failure Effects  and  Consequences
  8. Decision  Diagram for Criticality Analysis
  9. FMECA  Application
  10. RPN  calculations and reduction
  11. CBM principles and examples ------ etc.


  1. In addition to the faculty inputs and classroom  exercises,  Participants  would  have  to  identify  Equipment  from  the  host  company   and  develop  the  working  methodologies  of  RCM.
  2. The  pattern  of  the  course  is  tailor  made  to   suit  the  requirements  of  both  the  Engineering , Service and  Process  Industries.
  3. Since  this  is  an  intensive  maintenance  related  course,  the  daily  closing   timings  are  flexible  and    participants  would  be  expected  to  spend  some  extended  hours  on  all  the  3  days.  Basic  knowledge  of  Machine  Maintenance ( Any  discipline ) would  be  an  advantage.


  • Plant  maintenance   personnel  who  are  responsible  for  Equipment  /  Machinery  maintenance.
  • Maintenance  personnel  taking  care  of  proactive  maintenance  activities (TBM, IR, CM  etc ) in  a  manufacturing  facility.
  • TPM  Coordinators  who   are  responsible  for  TPM  implementation  at  their  Plants.
  • Manufacturing Heads, Engineering Heads, Engineers, Senior Managers, and Managers from Manufacturing, Process, Engineering and Maintenance departments from the industries.

The Workshop will be theory and practical session inside the factory.

Faculty: Mr. S Venkateswaran, Principal Counsellor, TPM Club India, CII Institute of Quality, Bangalore 

  • Is trained in hands-on TPM implementation since 1999. Has been a part of TPM implementation in TVS (Brakes India Ltd.)  till the  Special  Award  Category  as  per  JIPM  norms.
  • Has  been  trained  in  the  Toyota Production System,  with  specific  focus  on  Shop  Floor  manufacturing  practices  and  methodologies.
  • Has hands-on working exposure in the application of Lean Manufacturing Tools.  
  • Is a certified (AVS) Associate Value Specialist.
  • Has the   experience of working  with  Japanese  and  American  consultants for  extended  periods.

As a policy, competitors to the host company would not be entertained for this workshop.

Note: Individual certificate of participation will be presented to all the participants by CII TPM Club India.

You are requested to kindly confirm your participation and send the nomination(s) from your company through the attached ‘Reply Form’.

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