JIPM Award Ceremony & TPM/TQM Study Mission to Japan

From Monday 19 March 2018 -  08:00am
To Saturday 24 March 2018 - 05:00pm
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The practice of TPM / TQM as means to achieve high performance in production by eliminating waste & enhancing competitiveness - which has gained much attention around the world. To set up for future growth and to realize high quality and low cost production performance, many companies in India are now applying TPM and TQM tools in their shop floors.

CII along with JIPM, Japan are organising the 1st TPM / TQM Manufacturing Study Mission to help Indian companies to learn and experience by seeing the TPM and TQM Principles in actual practice at their shop floors along with interaction with the people who implemented these principles.


The objective of this Study Mission is to learn and observe firsthand TPM and TQM methodologies and Toyota Production System (TPS), etc. These methodologies has been commonly used for Japanese manufacturing sector and made great contribution of its competitiveness for more than 65 years.

During the visits to the companies, we will see the philosophy, the tools and systems of TPM and TQM Production System in action. The companies we will visit have integrated the management philosophies into continuous day to day improvement.

Topics Covered

  • TPM 8 Pillar approaches
  • Toyota Production System.
  • Small lot mixed production system based on JIT concept
  • Kanban System
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • How to reduce Cost of Manufacturing using Lean Principle.
  • Efficient use of Inventory management to reduce cost of Inventory
  • Customized equipments with Poka-Yoke's
  • Effective use of Visualization
  • Efficient Cell production system, multi-skilled worker and standardized operations

Strong Points of Mission

  • Attending One-day JIPM Award Programme
  • Visit to Shop floor of World Class companies - Such as Nissan, Toyota Motor Corporation, Bosch.
  • Visiting the JIPM Award winning companies
  • Guidance from experienced faculty from JIPM.
  • Interaction with real implementers.
  • Know about unique features of these companies.
  • One day Sightseeing in Kyoto

Proposed Visiting Companies

  • NISSAN (Oppama Plant) - Implementation of NPW (Nissan Production Way) : Two never ending
    • Never ending synchronization (Douki) of their manufacturing with the customers
    • Never ending quests to identify problems and put in place solutions
  • MITSUBA (Gumma Plant) - Top quality supplier of Nissan: At Fuji No.2 plant, machining and assembly of transmission (CVT) can be seen. Implementation of JEPS (Jatco Excellent Production System) aiming to be the world's best Q.C.D. Co.
    • Flexible production (Pursuit of flexibility)
    • Reduction of production lead time (pursuit of speedy product flow)
    • Increasing added value (pursuit of work quality)
  • BOSCH (Saitama) - Production of mobile phones including attaching camera unit and electronic control boards for home electronics using pottng technology. Assembly of electronic control boards for fully-automatic washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, and mobile phones.
    • Reduced lead time by incorporating a consolidated production line and deploying their unique technology
  • TOYOTA (TBA) - Understanding the roots of lean production system (Toyota Production System)
    • Lean production line
    • A comfortable manufacturing environment

Who Should Attend

This is a Mission for people who intend to make a difference at their own plants when they return.

The workshop is indented for:

  • CEO's
  • Plant / Factory / Works Managers and Heads
  • Factory Supervisors / Team Leaders / TPM Heads
  • Engineering Managers
  • Manufacturing / Industrial Engineers / Heads
  • Continuous improvement Coordinators


  • For registration to the Study Mission, please send the following:
    • Filled application form and Two business cards of the delegate
    • Delegate fee as shown below
    • Further details of the course will be sent to the delegates along with the confirmation
    • Prior registration along with the Fee is a must.
  • The number of delegates would be restricted to 20 on first come first served basis


  • The delegate fee would be Rs. 2.50 Lakhs + 18 % GST per delegate.
    ( Fee Incl. Accommodaon for 6 Nights, Breakfast, and Lunch Local Transport, JIPM Programe Entry Fee, Interpreter fee, Visitng arrangement fee, Sighseeing charges) This doesn't include Airfare & Dinner cost)
  • The Cheque / Demand Draft should be drawn in favour of CII Institute of Quality, payable at Bangalore and sent to Mr Augustine T U, Executive Officer, CII Institute of Quality, Near Bharat Nagara 2nd Phase, Magadi Main Road, Vishwaneedam P.O., Bengaluru - 560091; Phone: 91-80-23289391 / 23580638; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note that in case your remittance cannot be confirmed one week before the Mission begins, your registration will be cancelled automatically.


  • Accommodation for 6 Nights (From 18 March to 23rd March
  • Breakfast, and Lunch would be provided to the participants in Japan. (Dinner is not included)
  • Provide local transportation inside Japan, as required by the Study Mission
  • Sightseeing on 24th March (will provide return High Speed Train Ticket from Kyoto to Tokyo)


  • Air Tickets To n Fro to Japan - should be born by the Delegates.
  • We are requesting delegates to Book their tickets to Narita Airport in Tokyo.
  • Participants should be available at the hotel on 18th evening at 8 PM for the mission briefing.
  • Requesting Delegates to book their return tickets from Tokyo on 24th March late night flights.
  • Members are free to stay back after 24th March as the Mission ends on 24th evening.