"The JH Jishu Hozen Program conducted by CII Institute of Quality in Toyota Gosei South India Pvt Ltd helped me in understanding various JH formats & making abnormalities list, to know your equipment & lubrication point mapping purpose, identification of source of contamination, CLRI identification in the equipment & OPL preparation during our machine visit was so good to understand the theory with Practicality of the subject."
– Melwin Pravin, Toyota Kirloskar Pvt Ltd.

"The consultation & training provided by CII IQ TPM Counsellors helped in achieving various benefits listed down- Several Hard To Access were identified and converted to Easy access which resulted in ease of maintenance, operations, Major contamination sources in dryer hall and process building were identified and corrected through which improved hygiene conditions, Major losses were reduced by attacking the source areas, Sharing of TPM results in shop floor resulted in active involvement among people in TPM, Analyzing major breakdowns through conceptual Why-Why analysis involving operations and maintenance team, Motivating operators and maintenance staff to study and convert small improvements into major Kaizens"
- Parry Sugars Refinery India Private Limited

"Opportunity for exposure to interact with other factories & industries for learnings & adopts good thing, various Kaizens & their way of presenting those helped to us to improve a lot, I would definitely prefer more such Competitions in the future from our Company."
- Robin, Britannia India Ltd.

"Excellent coaching with real time examples, specific focus on planned maintenance & equipment management & maintenance evaluation and vision of global maintenance strategy, Learnt about PM activities, types of maintenance, component selection, 8 pillars of planned maintenance, 7 steps of planned maintenance and why why analysis, Liked about the learning of cause, factor, phases counter measure of equipment failure, Learnt importance of CBM, Learnt how PM directly involved in TPM losses"

- Participants from Planned Maintenance workshop, Chennai

"Details to explain each pillars, Learnt lot from the training program, Sustain the TPM activity, Training plan, meeting plan, Control of training, Flexibility of training leaders, Training location and presentation, Use easy to understand language concepts, Relevant examples at some points, Touch base with the deep concept of TPM, Structured thinking of the instructors, Instructor experience, Practical examples and trainer experience, Structured delivery of lectures, listening to the participants."
- Participants from TPM Facilitators Course, Kerala